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Are you ready to get off the mental health
hamster wheel?


Get Well Now!

I'll let you in on a secret...


Talk therapy is only about 2% effective.

Psychiatric medication takes, on average, 4 weeks to start working and hovers around 30% effective, and comes with a host of side effects like suicidality and sexual dysfunction even after meds are discontinued. 

By focusing on your unique brilliance, incorporating the most recent research and the wisdom of time-tested healing practices...

Our unique approach offers immediate relief from suicidality

is over 75% effective...


rapidly creates long-lasting results

without the side effects!


Client Experiences 

Names Changed for Privacy

Mae grew up feeling worthless and alone which translated into being a timid adult and accepting toxicity in her relationships with her family, friends, and employer.

She broke down in tears almost daily, leaving her feeling weak and disliked.


After Symbios healing package, Mae realized how massive, powerful, and deserving her spirit is, she started experiencing herself and life in a completely new way.


Able to connect to an unprecedented sense of worth, courage, and power, she made massive changes in her relationship dynamics which resulted in the opposite of her fear - a raise, a promotion, and freedom with a powerful feeling of wholeness and love.

Symbios may be right for you if:

You're ready for MASSIVE CHANGE
You're burnt out from traditional talk therapy, mindset coaching, and/or psych meds
Your wellbeing is your priority
You're willing to dig deep and face your inner
demons head-on

You take full accountability for yourself
You know you're capable of so much more if you could just get out of your own way
You're not going to let another month, year, 
decade pass like the last have

You're done playing small and living in fear
You know that changing your life will change
the lives of everyone around you

You're ready to dismantle your trauma prison
You're ready to finally let your best self win your internal battle

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Symbios does not accept insurance

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Who are We?


Healing runs in the family...

Andrea Hanson M.Ed LCMHC grew up hearing her dad tells stories about his experiences as an addiction specialist and psychiatrist. She looked up to his courage in boldly being an imperfect human constantly seeking growth and helping others grow. She and her siblings helped move boxes and paint new, one-of-a-kind treatment centers as her dad opened them, paving innovative, effective new paths toward addiction recovery. She read through the books in his office even though she didn't really understand them and laughed at the psychiatry comic clips her dad hung on the refrigerator weekly...

But she had no interest in the field....she wanted to own a bakery.

That was, until she felt the profound impact of trauma in her own life, and like so many, was unable to get the help she needed from mainstream mental health and psychiatry. 

She spent years in therapy and even six months in a residential treatment center as a teen. It was there she decided she wanted to become a therapist that actually understands and really helps. 

Despite many bumps along the way to licensure, divorce, single motherhood, toxic relationships, Andrea didn't let anything hold her back from fulfilling this mission.

Andrea sought healing throughout her education to ensure her own trauma wouldn't get in her way. She even went through an intensive healing group with her dad, which she credits for bringing their relationship into a space of vulnerability, healing, and respect that allows them to work together seamlessly today. 

She finished graduate school, got licensed, and went on to attend every specialized training opportunity she could find by the great modern minds of mental wellbeing like Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps the Score's Trauma Research Insititute, and Rick Doblin's MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) Training Program. 

After spending time in several clinics and treatment centers Andrea realized it wasn't entirely her past therapist's fault they weren't able to help her. The whole mental health system is beyond off track, lagging several decades behind what research shows are the most effective treatment methods.

Andrea spent about a year sending her dad, Dr. Joel Hanson research articles and springing enthusiastic conversations on him during family gatherings all in efforts to convince him to do something great, well researched, and out of the mainstream with her before he retires from his already great and successful career operating and medically directing addiction recovery centers.  

Dr. Hanson read the research, made a few phone calls, and decided he was on board. 

After their first session together, Dr. Hanson said, with tears in his eyes "I could feel the healing happening in the room. I feel like I'm part of something really special here."

This father-daughter team is a one-of-a-kind team devoted to personal and professional growth, growing despite adversity. Together they offer a one-of-a-kind healing opportunity.


Learn more about Andrea HERE 

Symbios does not accept insurance

How We Do It

The Symbios package is an all-inclusive recalibration breakthrough process. Because Symbios does not work with insurance companies, your process is diagnosis free! Heal with the comfort of knowing it is your strength and brilliance being focused on, and your future endeavors will not be limited by a mental illness label. 


If during your initial consult call we make a mutual decision that Symbios is right for you, you will have virtual preparation sessions, aligning with your truth, your sense of meaning and purpose, and honing in on your internal resources.  In these, you start to uncover the disruptions in your system and get internal permission to shift. You will also have a call with the doctor to assess your health and get your personalized medical instruction for the KAP intensives.


Then, you will have your half-day KAP instensives, typically two days in a row, on Saturday and Sunday. We recommend staying in a nearby hotel (there is one conveniently located in the same parking lot as our clinic in Jordan Landing) for a full weekend of uninterrupted mindfulness and healing.


For the intensives, we meet in the clinic and start

preparing your mind and body for a successful

ketamine journey with a combination of breathwork,

body movements, rage release, interoceptive yoga,

and internal part exploration.


Then, the ketamine is administered. Ketamine is an

FDA approved psychedelic and a catalyst for

therapeutic shifts. During the peak experience, you

will be in a quiet office in a comfy recliner with ambient music.


Your therapist will sit to your right and the doctor will sit to your left throughout, to monitor vitals and guide and support you through your experiences as needed.


The peak experience will last 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, during which you will have the sensation of leaving your body and likely have visions. Many clients experience a sensation of moving beyond earthly experience and feeling the love and support of loved ones who have passed on or see the true souls of themselves, breaking away what is unnecessary and allowing them to focus in on what is truly important in their lives.


As your consciousness comes back into the room, and your brain is in a malleable state, pumped with glutamate, we will begin midbrain reprocessing. This will allow you to quickly shed old systems in the mind and recalibrate them to be in alignment with the unearthed true self.

After your KAP intensives, we will continue virtual integrations sessions over the next three months. Challenges will come up. Your system will question if you are serious about the shifts that you are making and these integration sessions will aid you in staying true to yourself.

Depending on your uniquely curated package the number and spacing of half-day KAP intensives will differ, but the end result will be a deep sense of peace, self-love, zest for life, empowerment, and connection.

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Symbios does not accept insurance

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kap faqs

What is ketamine?

Ketamine has been FDA approved since the 1960's. It is in the psychedelic family and in large doses is used as a dissociative anesthetic during surgeries. In low doses, it is used as a facilitator for a deep healing therapeutic process. 


Ketamine disrupts the fear and blocks in the afflicted mind and pumps it full of a learning chemical: glutamate. Glutamate sparks neural regeneration, allowing for the reformation of consciousness, reevaluation of the past and its traumas, awakening a future of prospects with newness, flexibility, and openness to an improved experiential state.


Glutamate is a big player in many mental ailments as it remembers and reminds the mind and body of ways to alleviate stress. For example, it creates the craving and urge sensation in addiction. When harmful pathways are disrupted and glutamate relearns during the therapeutic process,the brain is reset to react to cues in an entirely new way.

Of course, because it is legal to use in medical settings without any specified protocol, many practitioners offer ketamine as a stand-alone treatment in inappropriate settings, causing anything from short-term boosts in sense of well-being to negative experiences. 


Is Ketamine Addictive?

When used improperly, yes. For example, using ketamine at home or in a doctor's office over a prolonged period of time can form addictive habits. However, research has shown 0 cases of ketamine addiction when used short-term as part of an intensive, specialized therapeutic. processes.


Is ketamine dangerous?

Ketamine is one of the safest drugs out there which is why it is used for small children and elderly in surgeries. There is, however some risk for some people which is why we include a medical intake prior to treatment and medical oversight throughout the duration of the peak experience.

What are the side effects of ketamine?

The side effects of ketamine are dissociation from body sensations aside from auditory and olfactory, nausea, increased heart rate, and increased breathe rate. We give all clients an anti-nausea prior to their ketamine dose and the doctor is able to provide anti-anxiety medication if increased heart rate becomes a concern.


Drowsiness after the session is common, so plan a relaxing, mindful rest of your day! Side effects typically subside by the following day. 

Unlike most psychiatric medications, ketamine does not have any negative impact on libido or sexual functioning and does not cause suicidal thoughts or a loss of joy and connection. Quite the opposite, in fact, clients experience immediate relief from suicidality. 

Freedom is moments away!

Symbios does not accept insurance

What Clients are Saying 
about Andrea

“I sought out Andrea to shift my experience around a painful issue I was dealing with in my family. Andrea has a distinctive style. She was intuitive in sensing my concern and leading me through a breakthrough. It’s hard to explain the process, it’s something you have to experience to understand. I was able to go with the flow and allow anything that needed to come to the surface, allowing Andrea to guide me through it which she did carefully and with keen observation. It was obvious to me that Andrea is well experienced in what she does. 

She knows exactly how to guide the breakthrough, shifting deep inner perspective so that you can open to a new positive resolution. The warmth in her presence is mixed with genuine sincerity for getting you the best possible outcomes. Since working with Andrea I have shed a lot of sadness in a good way. I am now able to step up into a new role, changing my situation in a positive way that I wasn’t able to before. If you work with Andrea, you will elevate to the highest possible level. She has skills and knowledge you can count on. “

Smiling Girl with Headphones

Image not of the real client for confidentiality

Mara Cropped.jpeg

"Andrea is the most compassionate, perceptive, and empathetic human being I’ve ever met. Her calm and warm demeanour made me feel at ease straight away. 


With Andrea you will go deep. Be prepared to get into the nooks and crannies of your deeper self, find those wounds that you thought they were buried forever, and finally heal them.


By healing those wounds, expect to feel free and relieved thereafter. 


Even when things get scary, Andrea know exactly what to do to help you feel safe.


Working with Andrea is pure joy, even when you work on hard things. Can’t wait for our next session. Thank you, Andrea!”

“Before seeing Andrea, I suffered from unrelenting gender dysphoria and crippling panic attacks that had me stuck on the couch for hours at a time. I was terrified of my marriage ending if I were to be true to my gender. I had seen therapists since I was a child, starting with what was then referred to as cross-dressing issues. I’m now in my 60’s and before seeing Andrea I was still having severe issues with my mood and my relationship with my wife.

Andrea was great to work with, my anxiety has dramatically decreased, I am no longer crippled by it.  Andrea was professional and personal, supportive while being gently assertive. Beyond the in depth work we did in session, she gave me tools that I am still able to use when I run into tough spots.

I’m accepting that I am a transgender person even though I wish I wasn’t.. I thought I had accepted myself before, but now I am experiencing self-acceptance on a whole new level. My wife has now accepted that I’m trans. The thought of talking to my wife used to debilitate me. I am now having regular discussions with her so she doesn’t feel left out and we are working towards moving forward together with 100% transparency. I am free to dress how I like in my home office and around the house.”


Image not of the real client for confidentiality

Blond Woman Smiling

Image not of the real client for confidentiality

“Andrea gave me a beautiful new start to life. I’ve now been in recovery from meth and heroin addiction for two years. I had been to so many treatment centers and counselors before and always ended up homeless and relapsing. I had given up hope when I lost custody of my kids. I stopped caring how I was treated and how I treated myself. Now I’m taking care of myself and my pet cat in my own nice apartment.

I love all the beautiful things Andrea taught me about love and magic in every day and so much more. She opened my eyes to the truth that was right in from of me, but I couldn’t see because I was so wrapped up in trauma. She didn’t see me as a junkie addict. She saw me and treated me like an equal. We had deep, moving moments, and moments where we laughed and danced together. She saw the truth in me and that helped me see that same truth. 

I don’t feel worthless anymore. I know that I’m smart, worthy, and loveable and I don’t let relationships or habits in my life anymore if they’re anything less. Andrea is incredible, brilliant, and loving. I know it was the beautiful power of the Universe that brought me to her. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. I'm so full of gratitude for Andrea.”

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Symbios does not accept insurance

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Symbios is able to offer incredible results because of


- Ongoing significant investment in professional development. Where most clinicians save for several years to attend one specialized training opportunity, Andrea and Dr. Hanson invest an average of $20,000 per year each on professional development. 

- Bespoke individualized treatment in a discrete setting where 100% of the team's attention is on you and your results and your focus can be on your healing process without the distraction of other clients in the building.

- Commitment to being fully mentally present and engaged with you each step of the way.

Rather than being available to everyone and pushing you through the same mediocre mass process with hundreds of other clients like other clinics and treatment centers, Symbios works with fewer, highly motivated clients who are able to invest in their wellness for optimal rapid results.

Treatment customized, ranging from 3-12 month packages, and cannot be quoted without a consultation call however generally pricing ranges from $8k-$50k.

Not ready for a full dive?

These clients had massive breakthroughs during their 2-hour virtual

recalibration sessions with Andrea!

Symbios does not accept insurance